Battery Repair or Replace

Murrieta Repair/Replace Batteries

Your automobile’s battery is one of the most important parts of your vehicle’s engine. Without a battery that is fully charged and working properly your car will be unable to start or drive. Since the battery is the only source of electrical power for your engine, it is important to replace batteries that are no longer working properly, and to repair batteries that are still good but are malfunctioning.

Repair Batteries

Attimes a battery may become encrusted with corrosion. Often there is the tell-tale sign of this in the form of a white powdery substance on the battery and its cables. This substance is battery acid that has dried on the cables and terminals. This corrosion often prevents the battery and its cables from working properly, as well as interrupting the charge from the battery to the alternator. Checking and cleaning the battery terminal end cables can prevent this type of corrosion from interfering with the smooth running of the battery and will extend the life of the battery cables. Your mechanic can tell you what compounds to use on the cable terminals to prevent the build-up of this kind of corrosion and greatly extend the life of your battery.

Replace Batteries

Sometimes your car’s battery may need to be replaced. The first sign that the battery is not working properly is that the vehicle will not start, and the lights and radio and other electrical components of the car will not work. The battery in your car is like a battery in a flashlight or a remote control – when it stops working it is an indication that the battery either needs to be repaired or replaced.Withoutit your automobile will not run. A good mechanic will repair or replace the battery in order to get you back up to speed and rolling again.