Car wont start?

Is it your battery, alternator or starter? 


The most common problem is that your car battery is dead. Easy way to figure this out is to turn on your headlights and check the strength of the illumination.


There is no power stored in the battery. Which means that your battery may not have enough power to crank the starter. When you turn the key do you hear a clicking sound, or does it sound like it’s trying to turn over? If so you might need a new battery.


Alternator might be the cause of your electrical problem. If your car starts lose it’s “juice” while your driving, that is a good indication your alternator has turned bad. Unfortunately if you have no alternator you have no battery recharge and your car isn’t going anywhere.  Also check if you have any cracks in your alternator belts, because if this ever breaks it can cause real problems.


Maybe you have a problem with the starter. If this once good part has gone bad, your car will have a problem starting. If your starter is the problem it won’t turn over or if you hear the noise called freewheeling. Freewheeling: It sounds exactly like you trying to turn on your car when your car is already on.


Loose battery cables could be the problem give them a wiggle before you go out and buy replacement ones or a new battery. Electircal fuses can also be a culprit make sure to feel around for any loose wires and check if you have any blown fuses.


Ignition system and loose spark plugs are another possibel cause of the problem. If you have a busted ignition system your key might night turn at all or if it does turn the engine won’t even try to turn on. These are some indications that your problem is the ignition system.


Are you loosing power as you change gears? Does it lurch as if you are shifting gears? This could be do to loose or old spark plugs and it will certainly affect the way your vehicle operates.

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Many malfunctions that happen in most vehicles could be diagnosed as automotive electric issues. The source of these difficulties is generally associated with the electricity that’s being produced by the battery or alternator. All these auto issues can generally be divided into one of several classes.

It’s not surprising that the battery is usually the cause for a lot of automotive electric issues since it is the source of electricity for a vehicle. Generally the problem is a dead battery, caused when the battery can no longer hold a charge. Occasionally this can occur because of a defective part of the vehicle. Other times it may be an effect of simply leaving your headlights or stereo on for a good amount of time. This issue can normally be repaired fairly easily by jump starting the car or charging the battery. In some cases the car battery may be just too old or damaged and in need of a replacement.

Another source that is a common automotive electric issue is the vehicle’s alternator. While a car is operating, the battery is being recharged by the alternator. The battery is rapidly becomes dead as well as the vehicle losing its power once the alternator breaks. Occasionally the alternator belt may also wear out or break, resulting in a similar issue where the battery looses it’s charge.

Occasionally the source of an electric issue in a vehicle can be a blown fuse or a broken electric cable. All the electric elements of a vehicle are attached to one another through the cables of the electrical system. In addition to that, there are many vehicle fuses in this wiring, which shield sensitive auto parts from power surges. This is actually a good problem to find because it’s not as costly to replace a fuse than an auto part that is can be costly.

Some of the more crucial electrical parts are the spark plugs and spark plug cables. The engine will no longer function properly when these electrical parts go bad. This issue can normally be found if the car is idling roughly, accelerates awkwardly, or is getting poor gas mileage. Poor spark plugs and cables can normally be repaired easily with a tuneup.

One other electrical part we see some issues with is the magnetic coils, they are used to supply the electricity to open automatic door locks and to distribute electricity to the starter. A poor solenoid can simply be mistaken with a dead battery or a poor starter, since some of these can cause the engine to not have the power to turn over when starting the vehicle.