Check Engine Light

You’re likely reading this because the dreaded “Check Engine” light in your vehicle is illuminated. Because this light could signify a wide range of possible issues, the fact that it’s on could leave you feeling uneasy.

We have all heard to first check if it’s because your gas cap is loose. Ok, but what if it’s still on after you tighten it, what does the light mean then. The diagnostics tool in your car is designed to monitor quite a few mechanisms and functions, and even if there is one small issue, your Check Engine light will turn on.


Unfortunately, the list is quite long of possible triggers for this particular light. A malfunctioning fuel injector and even a loosened gas cap can trigger the light. Other common culprits include bad oxygen sensors, old spark plugs, faulty thermostat, a ruined head gasket, and more.

Because the Check Engine light is a rather ambiguous indication of car trouble, the only real way to determine its cause is to get an expert opinion. At Precision Auto Electric, we’ll give you a quick Check Engine Light Diagnosis to help you get to the bottom of the problem. A diagnosis usually only takes just a short while, and in some cases, we can fix vehicles in the same day! Contact us right away for more information.