Car Window

A car window that won’t go up or down is incredibly frustrating, especially if the electric components are malfunctioning making it difficult to get fresh air. You’ll also struggle if you need to use any drive-thru services. Check these common issues if you’re experiencing issues with your windows.

First, determine if you’re having an issue with all the power windows or just one. If it is just one, the individual electric components should be examined to ensure they aren’t corroded from exposure to water or worn from years of use. If you’re experiencing a problem with all of your windows it is likely either the main circuit breaker or master control switch because there is probably no power being supplied to the system. This is true if your vehicle runs on an individual power supply or single relay and signifies that you should inspect the fuse or relay.

Under the door panel for the one that doesn’t work is where the motor is located. You can visually inspect it and listen to what it does if anything when you try to move it up or down. If the motor makes a noise, it’s probably a problem with the regulator or clutch and if no noise comes from the motor, you’ll likely need to replace it to restore functionality. Windows that have been up for a long period of time, such as when a vehicle sits for a while or a certain side isn’t used, can stick to the rubber. Try spraying a window cleaner in between the glass to free it from its position.

Window issues are often pushed to the side as a minor repair, but create a hassle when they don’t work right. Fix the problem and enjoy being able to bring fresh air in once again.